COVID-19 Insights & Estimated Impact on Health Plans

These certainly are unprecedented times as individuals, companies and governments take steps to slow the spread of COVID 19 in an attempt to make sure the pandemic does not overwhelm our nation’s medical infrastructure and ultimately result in avoidable fatalities. As these entities take steps such as prohibiting certain businesses from operating and encouraging various [...]

COVID-19 Insights & Estimated Impact on Health Plans2023-01-25T01:05:32+00:00

Employee Spotlight: Jason Lohman

 Chief Operation Officer, Crumdale Partners’ Pharmacy Division (Transformation Rx)Jason Lohman has recently joined Crumdale Partners as the Chief Operating Officer of Crumdale Partners’ Pharmacy Division (Transformation Rx).  His primary responsibilities are product development, external vendor management, account management and growth.  Jason has 20 years of experience across the healthcare and insurances industries helping his employers [...]

Employee Spotlight: Jason Lohman2023-05-08T18:51:35+00:00
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