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Franklin Health is a proprietary platform from Crumdale Partners offering integrated level-funded health plans and consortiums with a customized approach to cost savings.



Integrated Health Plans

Franklin Health is a proprietary platform offering integrated level-funded health plans and consortiums. A Crumdale Partners program, Franklin Health supports innovative and proven cost-containment measures to reduce costs and create better experiences for employers and their employees.

This platform combines best-in-class components of an integrated health plan while offering dynamic and innovative solutions to achieve extraordinary results.

Mid-Market Self-Funding

Franklin Health is available to all employers with at least 25 enrolled employees who are tired of double-digit renewal increases and see the advantages of buying into a multi-year approach designed to deliver savings, transparency, superior member experiences, and risk pooling.

Our transparent and innovative program is ideal for fully-insured groups looking for more renewal stability with a structured approach to self-funding and self-funded groups that are experiencing significant increases due to lack of claims control.








Partnering With Like-Minded Brokers for Success

Our goal at Crumdale is to partner with like-minded brokers and deliver simple, integrated solutions that provide significant cost savings for their employer groups. The Franklin Health Program provides insurance options that promote simplicity and low costs, provide stability and security, maintain control with independent pricing, and leverage total platform volume for purchasing power.



Best-In-Class Integrated Health Plan

Franklin Health combines best-in-class components of an integrated health plan while offering dynamic and innovative solutions to achieve extraordinary results.

TPA Administration
Network Solutions
Stop-Loss Coverage
Member Advocacy
Actuarial Services
Franklin Health
Risk Pooling
Program Management
Data Analytics
Claims Monitoring
ERISA Compliance



Innovative Approach: Five Core Components

The word innovation gets thrown around often, but at Franklin Health, we mean it. We’ve pioneered a new way to approach and engage an integrated health plan and we do so primarily through five core components.

  • Active Claims Monitoring
  • Member Advocacy & Support
  • Independent TPAs
  • Custom Rx Programs
  • Group Purchasing Stop-Loss

Active Claims Monitoring

We offer protection from high-cost medical claims due to fraud, waste, or abuse with our active claims monitoring. Our expert clinicians and in-house pharmacists analyze claims, identify errors and implement improvements for savings through experienced claims negotiation.

  • Expert clinician and pharmacist oversight
  • Real-time claims analytics
  • Cost-saving intervention

Member Advocacy & Support

To ensure clients get the most out of their benefits, we offer ongoing benefits navigation and HR support to improve utilization for employers and employees. We use technology-enabled tools with proprietary data analytics to navigate the best health options, improving member experiences.

  • HR Support for employees to improve health benefits navigation
  • Proprietary data analytics to find the best physicians
  • Member concierge services to alleviate issues

Independent TPAs

We partner with third-party administrators to customize plans and meet the needs of clients quickly and easily. With the strength of Franklin Health’s multiple networks, best-in-class partners, and back-end services, we deliver meaningful health statistics, immeasurable savings and better end-user experiences.

  • Strength of multiple networks and partners for competitive benefits and ensured coordination
  • Fast and smooth implementations with 11 pre-built plan designs, SBCs and SPDs to streamline the process
  • Stop-loss and active claims review and monitoring to protect against unexpected high costs of care

Group Purchasing Stop-Loss

Crumdale provides a strategic approach to underwriting so clients can leverage our global volume for access to leading rates, terms, and discounts. This type of underwriting also promotes long-term financial success by promoting strategic planning.

  • Stop-loss leverage provides favorable discounts, terms, and conditions  
  • Pooled arrangements significantly decrease renewal volatility
  • Allows for strategic planning around a long-term financing strategy

Custom Rx Programs

Our in-house pharmacy benefits team provides continuous high-cost claims management and high-cost drug support. Our proprietary PBM contracts include specialty drug management, alternative sourcing solutions, and pricing validation to identify and implement solutions to cut unnecessary costs.

  • In-house pharmacists and PBM experts
  • Continuous high-cost drug support
  • Alternative sourcing for specialty drugs



Additional Solutions for Ongoing Savings

To provide additional support for each and every health plan, we combine our core components with the appropriate advanced initiatives to supercharge the plan and achieve even more significant cost savings.

We implement additional advanced initiatives individually, on a case-by-case basis, when it makes the most sense for a client and their plan.

Advanced Initiatives for Cost Containment

  • Alternative Rx Sourcing Solutions
  • Incentive-Based Plan Designs
  • Pre-Pay Cash Services
  • Customized Plan Document Language
  • Population Health Management
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Direct Contracting
  • Bundled Surgical Procedures
  • Transplant Networks
  • RBP & VBP
  • Narrow Networks



Short-Term & Long-Term Support

  • Short-Term & Long-Term Strategy: Renewal Expectations & Goals
  • Quoting: Risk Analysis & Quote Delivery
  • Implementation: Vendor Notification & Plan Build
  • Ongoing Support: Claims Review & Risk Analysis

Partnering With Brokers

Crumdale Partners works with brokers and through brokers to help them win and retain more business using the Franklin Health platform.

We take a collaborative and consultative approach when it comes to plan development but handle all of the fine details behind the scenes so you can focus on what you do best – managing clients.


Fast & Efficient Quoting Process

Crumdale Partners will run through an actuarial modeling tool that will provide “illustrative” rates. These rates serve the purpose of “qualifying” the employer group.

If the rates are competitive, the group is a good candidate and should consider moving through the IMQ process. We offer a 2 – 3 day turnaround for Dependent Level Census, Benefits Summaries, and Current Rates.

Quick Turnaround for a Stop-Loss Quote

  • 25 (Minimum) Employees Enrolled
  • Individual Stop-Loss
  • Aggregate Stop-Loss
  • Spec. Advance
  • Aggregate Accommodation

Continued Support
Even After Signing

Our relationship doesn’t need to end when the contract closes. Let our health insurance experts provide ongoing HR support, benefit navigation, and education services, so employees get the most out of their insurance and benefits.