Advanced Clinical Insights

Annual Savings of $226,705


Annual Savings of $226,705


1st-Year Savings

$350k +

Achieved $351,485 in Rebates

The Situation

A pharmacy analysis was performed for a California employer receiving pharmacy benefits bundled through their medical carrier.​ The incumbent program lacked accountability with no contract guarantees, limited insight on Rx claim utilization, and restricted payment validation.​

The Partnership

Crumdale Partners worked alongside the broker to understand the current PBM solution and contract to provide a program with transparency and accountability.

advanced clinical insights

The Results

The newly proposed PBM program offered a signature-ready contract and proposal that would immediately yield significant savings (28.3% in Year 1) based on current member utilization while improving the overall employer experience and resulting in minimal member disruption.​


Crumdale Partners independently validates all contractual pricing guarantees and holds PBMs accountable for any discrepancies. This allows clients to ensure their contracts is performing as expected and sustains savings. Twice per year, we analyze claims and apply your PBM’s contractual financial guarantee methodologies to ensure discount.

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