Compliance & Actuarial services

Our Specialized Solutions

Crumdale Partners’ in-house compliance and actuarial division provides specialized services that bring insight into the claims process and support a compliant and integrated offering. 

Our Innovative Approach: Three Core Components

Crumdale helps employers manage the high cost and complexity of providing employee benefits by offering specialty compliance and actuarial services for risk management, data analysis, legal compliance, and stop loss purchasing strategies. We work with licensed producers and brokers, human resources consultants, ACOs, risk pools, and third-party administrators as their behind-the-scenes employee benefit subject matter experts providing compliance and actuarial services. 

  • A Compliant and Integrated Offering 
  • A Sustainable Solution 
  • A Well-Managed & Well-Run Risk Pool 

A Compliant & Integrated Offering

  • Specialized software and services for precise plan design
  • Proven tools, skills, and software for medical stop loss
  • Plan documents such as HSA, HRA, Section 125
  • Tools and resources to ensure ACA and ACH compliance
  • Complete ACA compliance audit, review, and planning
  • A consultative approach based in analytics and data
  • Consortium buying power and consultative marketing

A Sustainable Solution

With consortium buying power and a consultative marketing approach, we help brokers build lasting insurance solutions that continually cut unnecessary costs for employer groups and protect them from high costs.

  • Expertise and leverage for small buyers to improve stop loss terms and conditions
  • Sustainable insurance solutions with expert risk management and actuarial services
  • Creative risk transfer strategies

A Well-Managed & Well-Run Risk Pool

Employers with good experience deserve lower rates, and clients who have occasional high claims don’t deserve to be punished. Our creative risk management and actuarial services ensure stability and control for all groups. 

Our Value Proposition

When you join the Crumdale Partners network you gain leverage to reduce employee benefits costs, plus exclusive access to:

  • Turnkey, transparent solutions that are easy to understand
  • Industry subject matter expertise and local market knowledge
  • Creative cost containment strategies
  • Superior contracts
  • Best-in-class vendor and carrier relationships
  • Alternative risk financing and management
  • Expert data analysis, actuarial and compliance support
  • Agile solutions tailored to meet your needs







Actuarial Consulting & Online Calculator

With stop loss consulting and negotiation, we take control of pricing for clients and ensure that we represent their best interests when calculating renewals that will protect against high claims and control costs. We have the only online actuarial value calculator available to help brokers showcase the strength of their plan to clients. Try it for free below.

Our Case Studies