Medical Stop Loss

Our Strategic Approach

Crumdale Partners works collaboratively with our preferred distribution partners to ensure employers get the right coverage at the right price based on their needs.


Our team has extensive experience with risk management and risk transfer strategies to create stability and contain costs. With detailed claims review and management, we reduce the severity and frequency of claims costs.

When you work with us you gain access to:

  • 30+ years of industry expertise
  • In-house underwriting team
  • Compliance & actuarial support

  • Preferred pricing & quick quoting turnaround

  • Collaborative & responsive approach







Our Offerings

Group Purchasing Stop Loss

Crumdale strategically leverages our volume to provide clients access to leading rates, terms, and discounts. This strategic approach promotes long-term financial success. Crumdale will also underwrite all cases from a distribution partner as a block at renewal so their employer groups benefit from the law of large numbers.

  • Stop Loss leverage provides favorable discounts, terms, and conditions

  • Pooled arrangements significantly decrease renewal volatility
  • Allows for strategic planning around a long-term financing strategy

PBM and Stop Loss Combined

With PBM and Stop Loss combined, we can help employers plan for and avoid high costs from prescription drugs. We’ll make sure plans provide protection and cost savings.

  • Brokers receive better specific and aggregate rates and factors

  • Solutions for existing shock claimants

  • Specialty Rx solution to prevent new Rx shock claims from hitting the specific deductible

  • Medical Channel Management

Stop Loss Only for Preferred Distribution Partners

Offered to our preferred distribution partners for their clients with 300+ employees, our experienced and accessible team of underwriters proactively work with brokers to deliver a strategic approach in the client’s best interest.

  • Preferred Pricing
  • Quick Quoting Turnaround
  • A-Rated Paper

  • Favorable Discounts, Terms, and Conditions
  • Pooled / Block Pricing

Our Innovative Approach: Five Core Components

  • Experienced In-House Underwriters
  • Cost Containment with Stop Loss
  • Expert Health Claims Negotiation & Monitoring
  • Strategic Stop Loss Protection & Risk Pooling
  • Creative Risk Transfer & Pooling Strategies

Experienced In-House Underwriters

Underwriters and brokers should work together to ensure clients get customized cost containment solutions for their needs. Our experienced and accessible team of underwriters serves to proactively work in unison with brokers and other like-minded partners to deliver a strategic approach to underwriting in the client’s best interest. 

  • True management approach 
  • TPA claims processing 
  • Actively identifying savings 

Cost Containment With Stop Loss

We offer protection from high-cost medical claims due to fraud, waste, or abuse with our active claims monitoring. Our underwriting and stop loss strategies involve extensive research and analytics to identify errors and implement improvements for savings through experienced claims negotiation.

  • Active claims monitoring and research
  • Real-time data analytics to predict future claims
  • Vendor oversight to hold vendors accountable

Expert Health Claims Negotiation & Monitoring

Crumdale’s in-house stop loss and underwriting division offers innovative financing options and data analytics to drive competitive pricing. Our in-house claims experts pro