We actively pursue acquisitions and other strategic partnerships across a broad range of insurance-related products, services, and solutions to strengthen and diversify our capabilities. At Crumdale Partners, we strive to create a culture of long-term successful relationships with our broker partners, vendor partners, and carrier relationships. Through this coalition of partners, we transfer our expertise to help clients sharpen their edge to address real market problems and stay ahead of the competition.

Our goal is to provide a powerhouse of strategic growth opportunity for like-minded entrepreneurial businesses by offering the following unbundled and integrated industry-leading resources:

  • Innovative products, solutions, and approaches
  • Creative risk management and cost containment strategies
  • Unique alternative risk financing
  • Superior vendor and carrier relationships
  • Local market knowledge

Our Proposal for Your Continued Success

In addition to our organic growth strategy, we also pursue acquisitions. Our proposition to PNC agencies, employee benefits firms, and other insurance-related businesses is simple and straightforward.

  1. Your agency remains independent: your name stays on the door and you keep your current culture of success
  2. Accelerated organic growth: we look to bolster your growth through new products and cross-selling
  3. Higher volume commissions: the ability to increase your compensation through higher volume commissions
  4. Reduced administrative burden: we take on that platform with integrated back-end support for your team
  5. Long-term equity value creation: owner continuity that goes beyond a partnership

All of this and much more allows agencies to get a “second bite of the apple” with continued growth.

Our objective is to add resources to our partners’ current formula for success rather than change it. That’s why Crumdale’s philosophy is rooted in partner independence and maintaining the culture of success that is already in place.

If you have a brokerage firm or other insurance-related business interested in partnering for mutual success while maintaining control, contact us to learn more. Get more information about our M&A program on our website, and make sure to check back frequently for the latest insurance-related news.