Watch this short video to learn how Crumdale Partners helped one of our broker partners save their client nearly $3 million in a year with our PBM carve-out plan.




Result Highlights:
  • Saved the client nearly $3 million in a year
  • Discount Savings of $644,152
  • Dispensing Fee Savings of $37,385
  • Incremental Rebate Savings $2,196,729
How We Did It?
  • Crumdale’s experienced Pharmacy Benefit Experts talked to the broker and client about the advantages of carving-out to achieve better transparency into their prescription drug benefits, plan costs, and contract details.
  • Our team facilitated the transition through a comprehensive implementation plan with limited disruption to their members while still offering recommendations to benefit the client and provide additional saving opportunities.
  • We maintained a strong and trusted relationship with the broker and the client by addressing all concerns and continuing as a consultative trusted advocate through the life on the contract.

Read the full case study to find more details about our cost-saving innovative insurance implementation. To learn more about how Crumdale does insurance differently, visit our website.