Telehealth solutions are becoming more ever-present and essential for groups looking to control costs while improving access to quality healthcare with convenient service.

What is Telehealth?

Growing in popularity, telehealth is the practice of people receiving healthcare services, education, or products via technology such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets. The evident trend towards telehealth increased during COVID-19 but was actually on the rise pre-pandemic due to the many immediate and long-term benefits that make remote healthcare more affordable, convenient, and effective.

Endless Benefits of Telehealth

Accessing medical services through phones and computers can save people more than time and money; it also improves safety and long-term healthcare management. Telehealth provides secure and simple ways for people to effectively manage their health while reducing the unnecessary costs associated with hospital visits, patient waiting times, and medical transportation. Additionally, telehealth also:

  • Expands access to healthcare products and services
  • Offers access to high-performing and affordable healthcare
  • Reduces disease exposure for staff, patients, and people
  • Helps preserve already scarce medical and protective supplies
  • Improves population health and increases healthcare utilization
  • Reduces patient demand on health-related facilities

More Than Trending—Changing Healthcare

Telehealth is more than a passing trend but an effective tool that’s changing how people interact with health services by proactively managing and improving care at home.

Brokers and groups looking to provide quality healthcare services while controlling always-increasing insurance costs can rely on trends in telehealth that improve plan utilization with increased convenience and enhanced experiences for members.

With exceptional service from Crumdale Partners, our consultants take advantage of the growing trends that improve healthcare and reduce costs to implement advanced services, including telemedicine, ongoing plan navigation, and cost containment, to help clients access better care with improved experiences.

Increased Health Plan Utilization

According to the Centers for Disease Control, telehealth services did peak in potential during the early months of the pandemic but are likely here to stay. The number of telehealth visits increased by 50% during the first few months of 2020, with a 154% increase in remote visits. The trend is likely to continue too. The CDC also states that the spike in telemedicine response is just as much a long-term solution to improve population health as well as an immediate and effective short-term solution.

Convenience for Chronic Care

For the 40% of Americans who have chronic health issues, recurring trips to the doctor’s office or drug store can be a hassle on their budget and day-to-day life. With telemedicine, people can easily use their chosen smartphone or device to connect instantly to patient care services to effectively manage symptoms, order prescriptions, and maintain their health while reducing costs and wasted time from constant in-office visits.

Enhanced Member Experiences

Telehealth can include tracking health services through apps, ordering prescriptions online for at-home delivery, and quickly connecting to physicians through chat portals. With the endless possibilities to enhance the quality of service with speed, personalization, and convenience, there’s no question why so many people want to add telemedicine services to their health plans.

Customized remote care can strengthen member and patient experiences while receiving routine, chronic, or specialty healthcare. What’s more is Crumdale Partners offers ongoing benefits support and plan navigation to help employees access telehealth providers that work on their plan..

Reducing Insurance Costs & Improving Care

With access to a range of quality, convenient and affordable telehealth solutions, employees and groups can improve satisfaction with better cost-saving outcomes that can enhance their overall wellness and experiences.

At Crumdale, we make it our mission to discover these advanced solutions and give clients access to better plan designs that improve the quality of healthcare services while cutting costs with ongoing cost containment.

If you’re interested in learning more about our advanced solutions and insurance design with telemedicine, benefits utilization support, and specialty drug sourcing, contact us to get started with a consultant.