Watch our latest video to learn more about how we work to control costs for clients through active claims management and underwriting from our partner, Resolute Underwriting Strategies.

At Crumdale Partners, we are always working to save our customers money and solve the ever-changing challenges that businesses face. Working with our business partner, Resolute Underwriting Strategies (RUS), we provide expert medical underwriting and stop-loss protection services as we work tirelessly to help save our clients from high costs. Watch this short video to learn more.



Who is Resolute Underwriting Strategies?

Resolute Underwriting Strategies or RUS is the medical stop-loss division for Crumdale Partners. We work with brokers and producers with whom we are philosophically aligned from a cost-containment and claims management standpoint.

How Does Resolute Underwriting Strategies Work on Claim Management?

  • The most important thing we do is act as a partner to the groups we work with to review claims prior to payment, which is different from all of our competitors. 
  • We look at claims on a weekly basis, and when appropriate, we pull claims for additional screening or scrutiny.

We’ve learned from years of experience in underwriting that all sorts of great things can be done with claims before they’re paid. 

The best opportunity to have an impact on the underlying costs of a plan is to have those interventions prior to the claims being paid to continually save clients money.

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