Meet Franklin Health:

Simple. Integrated. Custom.

Self-Funded Health Plans


Do you wish there were a way to reduce health plan costs other than navigating the complex market every year or shifting costs to employees? Now there is. Meet Franklin Health.

In an increasingly challenging healthcare market, it can be difficult for clients to find comprehensive insurance plans tailored to their specific coverage and cost-saving needs. Do you wish there were a way to reduce costs, other than shopping the market every year or shifting costs to employees?

Now there is. With the help of our broker partners, we pioneered a new approach to an integrated plan with Franklin Health, our proprietary platform offering custom, self-funded health plans and consortiums.

What Does Franklin Health Do?

We strive to design and deploy health plans that:

  • Promote stability and security
  • Provide simplicity and low costs
  • Offer customized coverage and ongoing cost-savings
  • Deliver an average first-year rate reduction of up to 15%

Our Goal?

To partner with like-minded brokers and deliver simple, integrated solutions that provide significant cost savings for their employer groups.

How We Do It?

We offer a collaborative and consultative approach when it comes to plan development but handle all of the fine details behind the scenes so you can focus on what you do best – managing your clients.

See Real-Life Client Savings

Learn more about our Franklin Health platform and the turnkey benefits of our custom, integrated and low-risk approach to self-funding. Want to see Franklin Health in action? Head over to our case studies to see real-life savings clients experienced by switching to self-funding.

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