Watch this short video to learn how Crumdale Partners implemented innovative risk control & protection strategies to help our broker partner manage high-cost claims, saving the client over $800k.


Result Highlights:
  • Saved the group $815,461.80 vs renewal with Crumdale’s self-funded structure (Franklin Health)
  • Brought the group’s renewal down to 12% from the 190% incumbent increase
  • Identified 2 high-cost claimants for specialty treatments and risk transfer solutions
How We Did It?
  • Risk Identification: Employees fill out our online HIPAA-protected Individual Medical Questionnaire for themselves and their dependents. Then, our risk assessment team works to understand the factors driving the claims spend.
  • Risk Control: We leveraged a program to source specialty drugs and greatly reduce the cost of a high-cost medication, almost eliminating the price tag entirely!
  • Risk Transfer: We suggested the group take on a conditional laser in the event that the cancer came back and identified supplemental insurance programs to transfer the risk.
  • Insurance Protection: After identifying the known risks, Crumdale provided insurance protection for unknown risks. Consortium reinsurance is a part of the new program we designed for this employer.

Read the full case study to find more details about our cost-saving innovative insurance implementation. To learn more about how Crumdale does insurance differently, contact us for a complimentary, confidential client assessment