Watch this short video to learn how Crumdale Partners helped our partners at a Boutique Brokerage Firm beat out a National Brokerage Firm to save the client more than $1.3 million.




Result Highlights:
  • Saved the client more than $1.3 million vs. renewal
  • Showed a 2% increase vs. current rates
  • Pre-identified 4 members for alternative medical and Rx savings programs
How We Did It?
  • Implemented Crumdale coalition/block pricing across program vendors
  • Implemented Crumdale’s Fiduciary Shield program to closely monitor prior authorizations for medical services and prescription drugs
  • Implemented a coalition-level PBM contract with alternative sourcing opportunities for high-cost specialty drug support integrated within the contract

Read the full case study to find more details about our cost-saving innovative insurance implementation. To learn more about how Crumdale does insurance differently, visit our website.